PHS Shoe Drive

Check your closets and garages:  The Heart and Sole Shoe Drive wants your soles.

Sponsored by the Environmental Club, the drive runs February 6-10.

Students can donate new and gently-used shoes to their first period classes beginning Monday. “I have hope that this year will be better than last year because we are working harder to spread info about the drive,” said junior Abigail Gonqueh. The group’s motive is to give new soles to new souls in need. This drive was an idea given to the Environmental Club by the Hendricks County Recycling District.

The purpose of the drive is to help families by giving them brand new shoes, as well as preventing shoe waste. “I also feel like it sort of lightens the overall mood of the community, because it feels nice to help others,” said Gonqueh. “I think it will be pretty similar to the canned food drive that they did earlier. Basically, it is a contest between shoes, and whichever school collects the most donated shoes wins a prize from the Hendricks County Recycling District.”  

Last year, the Environmental Club was busy with other activities besides the show drive, like making plarn (plastic yarn) mats for the homeless. This year, their focus is on the shoe drive. Club members made posters and put them around the school. 

“The drive has our full attention and I hope that we will work harder to spread more info,” said Gonqueh. “New shoes were definitely something that would get me hyped up as a kid, and I would like to make somebody else feel the exact same way that I did. It's a really satisfying feeling to know that you can make somebody else's day better.”

Story by Kyla Grande