Preparing for College & Careers

Plainfield High School Innovators

Plainfield High School will be bustling on October 19th when all those in grades 9-12 will be engaging in activities geared towards preparing them for life after high school. This day, which has been dedicated to administering the PSAT to all 10th and 11th graders, will expand to offer programming for 9th and 12th graders. All PHS 9th graders will hear from a college panel to increase early awareness of higher education. Additionally, a career panel of Hendricks County business leaders will be available in hopes of increasing the students' awareness and interest in the various career paths within the community! After getting the students excited about what comes after high school, freshman will meet with their guidance counselors to review their 4-year course plan and look at the necessary steps to accomplish their goals. PHS Seniors will be selecting from three options to explore or confirm their post-secondary plan. They will either visit a college campus, complete a job shadow experience, or take the ASVAB Career Assessment. Once the sophomores and juniors complete their PSAT in the morning, all students will participate in additional programming in the afternoon. These programs will be geared towards preparing them for life after high school. This community and career focused programming day is building upon the Community Career Fair that took place in the Spring of 2016. At that time, PHS students had the opportunity to connect with careers available in Hendricks County. PHS continues to build strong relationships with all sectors of the business community to help best prepare students for life after high school.

PHS will roll out a new internship program beginning in the 2017-2018 school year with the goal of helping their students have a better grasp on what life outside the classroom could look like. The school will work with community business partners to connect students with areas of interest. The hope is this semester-long internship will be meaningful for both the student and the industry in supplying each with opportunities for future growth. Area businesses that are interested in partnering with PHS in this new and exciting endeavor should contact Allison Spillane at