Area 31

Area 31 is having its annual sign-up for the 2024-2025 year. The program, housed at Ben Davis High School, features practical, hands-on experience and industry-standard training, which enriches students' academic learning and prepares them for the workforce or higher education. 

“It’s pretty simple; it’s just like signing up for a course at Plainfield,” said senior Albert Price, noting that Area 31 offers dynamic and highly beneficial courses with educational resources focused on career enhancement. 

“There are no extra hoops to jump through -- although signing up early might be a better investment. This way, if the class you take has a second year available and you enjoy what you do, you can take that second year and advance even further,” said Price. “This is also one of my favorite parts about the program. If you don’t enjoy your class, you still win because you saved yourself thousands of dollars in other schooling and the years it would have taken to find out you aren’t passionate about your chosen field.” 

Price stated the opportunities and people one might meet there equip teens with vital skills and professional knowledge, bridging the gap between school education and real-world learning. “By bridging the gap between traditional classroom learning and real-world application, Area 31 equips students with vital skills and knowledge, fostering personal and professional growth,” he said.

Story by Jack Nebergall

Senior Albert Price welding at Area 31. Photo by Connor Burress