On Friday, January 26, the publications staff went to the Indiana High School Press Association Convention to learn more about the journalism world, and receive awards for their achievements from the year before. 

Throughout the day, many experienced people presented their knowledge to the high schoolers about topics such as writing, photography, leadership and much more. “My day started early, with the bus leaving at 7:30 a.m., then we got to Franklin College and began our first session,” explained senior Tiba Altower. “The one I went to was Mitch Eden's, who was a former newsmagazine advisor. Then, we went to the Keynote speaker and awards ceremony, where we had a chance to listen to the amazing Carole Simpson, the first black female news anchor for ABC News.”  

Every year, an important figure in journalism introduces themselves to the high school journalism community to tell them about their experiences and give them advice. This year, the convention made history by inviting the first ever African American woman to be a news anchor for a major news station in the US: Carole Simpson. 

Along with her, the second African American female news anchor, Lindsey Davis, also spoke about her journey to becoming an amazing and well-known journalist. 

In addition, awards were given to all of the winning journalists, magazines, and yearbooks. “When we received the awards, I felt proud of us, because 17 [awards] is a large accomplishment,” said Altower. “I felt that everyone who received it deserved it and I couldn't have thought of a better way to end my senior year.” 

Altower won a third place for News and Current Events and a third place for Sports Writing.

Other winners included: First place winners Lily Saylor for Infographics; Xander Higgins for Spot News Photography; the Quaker Shaker Staff for Opinion Writing; and Connor Burress for Sports Photo and Photo Portfolio. Second place Academics for the yearbook staff; 2nd place Theme for the yearbook staff; 2nd and 3rd place Infographics for the Quaker Shaker Staff; 2nd Sports Writing for the Quaker Shaker Staff; 3rd place Portrait/Illustration for Connor Burress; 3rd place Sports Reporting for the yearbook staff; 3rd place Cartooning for Henry Christiansen; and 3rd place Yearbook Album for the yearbook staff.  Reporting for the yearbook staff; 3rd place Cartooning for Henry Christiansen; and 3rd place Yearbook Album for the yearbook staff.

Story by Tajweed Altower

Sophomore Aria Glover asks a question of Keynote speaker Carole Simpson at the IHSPA Convention at Franklin College. Photo by Garrett Wachtel