The camera shutter opens, and in an instant, the brilliantly blue coast and rugged mountains are immortalized in sophomore Norman Wagner’s camera.

Following his love for photography, Wagner has strong inspiration for his craft. “The inspiration I got to take photos was from watching other people take photos and seeing the outcome and wanting to do the same and feel the same enjoyment,” said Wagner. “I thought if I can do that same thing, then I can have something of a new hobby that I would really enjoy.”

In terms of the future, Wagner envisions photography as a vital part of his life. “The role I see in photography is capturing moments that people might not be able to and want to, such as helping people with staging photos for their jobs, etc.,” said Wagner. “I can also see people going back to look at what happened for memories and documentation.”

Wagner has had experience taking pictures across the nation, especially on the West Coast. “Taking photos in San Francisco was eye-opening because I was able to see and take pictures of popular places you could easily find online, but having a photo I’ve taken felt rewarding,” said Wagner. 

From landscapes to beaches, Wagner has caught specific shots such as the Pacific Ocean. “The random beach lookout we found had, to me, a very pleasing view of the ocean. We saw a path that we could take all the way down to the water; when we got to the beach, I immediately went to take photos of the water,” said Wagner. “The color pop of the water color just felt like it was going to be a cool photo.”

In order to capture the perfect shot, Wagner had to have the right instruments. “I got my Nikon DSLR camera because I wanted to take better, cleaner photos,” said Wagner. “I also wanted a good consistent camera that I can rely on to take in-focus photos. I really wanted a DSLR to take close, blur-free photos.”

While he has taken a wide range of different kinds of pictures, Wagner prefers scenic landscapes. “The kind of photo I want as a preset wallpaper is a landscape photo of beautiful mountains or stormy skies,” said Wagner.  “A photo that people can look at all day and be mesmerized by. Something people find enjoyment out of looking at it.”

Story by Ruby Woodson