With forklifts rattling the windows, construction has begun on the PHS campus. The students and the facility members are watching as the school expands, with several additions to the building, each pertaining to a certain need that the student body has. 

The initial add-ons at the high school will be especially beneficial for students involved in math and science courses. The idea for the additions came about because students need a bigger space for their studies. 

“This project really demonstrates the commitment of our school board to STEM education. They have invested a significant amount of money toward this initiative,” said Principal Pat Cooney. “Once finished, students attending Plainfield schools will have access to innovative spaces and STEM education from preschool through graduation. By having not only the Imagination lab for elementary students and the Idea Lab at the middle school, our addition allows students to continue their studying through specialized spaces at the high school level.”

With anticipation around the project growing, Cooney explained that not only will this project offer better opportunities to high school students, but it will also make the high school an overall better academic center. 

“I am really excited about the construction project. I believe that the additions will be valuable now and well into the future,” said Cooney. “The construction taking place at PHS really focuses on three things: innovation, collaboration, and expansion of our fine arts programs. The construction will both remodel some of our existing spaces and add new spaces to our school.”

Story by Jada Pearman