College Visits

Attention seniors: Look no further, for all of your college questions are soon to be answered. With the start of the new school year, along with the stress of applying to college, these first few weeks can be a lot to handle. In order to help inform seniors about different colleges, the school has scheduled college days during which college representatives from different universities all over the state come into the school to speak about their specific college they’re representing. 

In-school college visits are one of the easiest ways to learn more about a potential school. College and Career Counselor Mackenzie Ewoldt shared her insight into why it is easier to start learning more about colleges now as opposed to later. “The earlier you can collect information about colleges and careers is helpful in organizing your list of options,” said Ewoldt. Along with the information provided by these college representatives comes a variety of benefits. 

Mrs. Ewoldt's 3 Benefits of Attending College Visits

  • 1) You'll learn the basics about the college/university and more about applications, scholarships, majors, financial aid, and living on campus (if you'd like). 

  • 2) Get a chance to meet your awesome admissions counselor. Seriously, they'll be your go-to person when it comes to all questions about the school and they're pretty cool!

  • 3) They may share upcoming deadlines, visit programs, or other information that others may not know yet. 

The school only provides students with two out-of-school college visit days per semester, meaning that most students cannot visit a large amount of schools in person. When college representatives come to the school, students are able to hear from a wide variety of schools without missing days. “When the colleges visit YOU, it's more accessible for you to get your questions answered or see if the campus is a place you'd like to explore further,” said Ewoldt.

Applying to college is not only complicated but also highly stressful. By taking advantage of the opportunity to meet and talk to college representatives, it will result in more answers and less stress moving forward. Make the process easier and attend the college representative days. 

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