AP Art teacher Heather Armstrong arranges some of the art pieces that will be on display in the Media Center. Photo by Annika Christiansen

Walls decorated with a variety of artwork, hors d'oeuvres being served and students showing off their talents. This is what an Art Exhibition is all about.

On Tuesday, May 2, dozens of paintings, prints, and drawings will fill the Media Center of the school and artworks will come to life as AP Art students have their annual private reception. Following that, on Wednesday, May 3, the art exhibition will open for all students and staff to see. The show will feature nearly 80 artworks collectively made by 26 different student artists.

AP Art teacher Heather Armstrong has been putting together the exhibition for the past couple of weeks, collaborating with students on the best way to present the works. “Creating displays and art exhibitions is one of my favorite aspects of my job in general,” said Armstrong. “I love showing off what PHS students are capable of.” 

The exhibition itself will be composed of students from two different AP art classes: AP 2D and Design and AP Drawing. For many of the students, this will be the first time they get to see works from the other students in the opposite class than theirs. However, while there are two classes, they are so similar that the exhibition itself will look as if it is one.

The show follows students finishing up their AP Art portfolios in which each student had to create a variety of artworks under a certain theme, meeting certain design principles depending on the class they are in. 

While the initial opening of the exhibition is a private event, the show will stay up in the library for two weeks after the private reception. For Armstrong, this exhibition means a lot because it allows her to show off the talents of all her AP students in one place. “I just expect to find extreme satisfaction in giving this gift to my students,” said Armstrong. “I know that I'll also be very proud of my students at the art exhibition. I am already very proud, but I love bragging about their accomplishments with their parents at the reception.”

Story by Braeden Craig