On Saturday, April 8, the Plainfield Robotics Team competed at State with 31 other schools in Indiana. The team competed with their robot, Wattson, which has a robotic arm claw feature and a cube intake feature. These features helped the team score and helped block the opposing team from scoring.

“Though we may have not qualified for the World Championships, I am very happy with how we have performed at State,” said Robotics Team member senior Aaron Pannel. “All the teams at the event wanted to earn their spot at the World Championship, so every team was competing to their highest ability to win the event.”

Although the Robotics Team did not advance to a higher level, each team member still learned many things while building the robot and showcasing its abilities at State. “Being a part of the Robotics Team has taught me just how important teamwork and dedication are. When you have these two things, there really isn’t any limit to how far you can excel,” said Pannel. “I think that one of the biggest things that is going to help me is all of the life skills that Robotics has given me. Robotics has taught me to be a better leader, thinker and communicator. All of these things I think are going to help me to excel in college and any of my future careers.”

Story by Sri Nattam