Academic Superbowl

On Thursday, March 2, the Plainfield Academic Superbowl teams had their first competition, the County Invitational, at Danville. 

The English, Science and Fine Arts teams all placed first in this competition, with Social Studies placing second and Math placing third. Additionally, Plainfield won the high score for the night, gathering more points in total than any other team. 

This is actually the fifth time in a row that Plainfield has won the Hendricks County Academic Superbowl Championship,” said Stacey Peters, coordinator of the Plainfield Academic Superbowl teams. 

On March 14, the teams will compete again in the Mid-State Conference, then in April for the Area competition, which will determine which teams, if any, will go to the state competition at Purdue University. “It’s always fun when you can take a team or multiple teams, to state,” said Peters. “So that’s the pie in the sky goal, which isn’t so pie in the sky anymore.” 

For any students that are interested in joining an academic Superbowl team next year, there is a call-out meeting in fall, at which students can sign up for teams and discuss the theme for that year’s season. “We have a call-out meeting usually at the end of October,” said Peters. “So I’ll tell the students to come for a month or two, try it and see if you like it.”

Story by Lucy Foxworthy