Show Choir Preview

Thursday, March 2 at 7 p.m., lights will hit the stage and talent will fill the auditorium as show choir students reveal to the public what they have been performing for their competitions this past season at the Plainfield Show Choir Community Showcase.

With weeks of hard work and effort, show choir students are excited to show the public what they’ve accomplished. “I’m looking forward to showing the community our amazing set this year,” said senior AJ Thoma. “Hopefully, we can gather more support for future competitions.”

With groups such as Belles et Beaux, Femmes Fatales, Nouvelles and the new middle school Debut group all performing, it will be a night full of singing and dancing. Ticket prices start at $6 each or $24 per family online, or $5 each or $20 per family cash at the door.

Garnering multiple Grand Champions, Best Vocals Caption awards and Visual Caption awards from various competitions, show choir members have had a very successful season so far and plan on an amazing showcase later this week.

Themes of the night range from songs and dances inspired by the Netflix Original Stranger Things, Disney Villians and more. For many students, show choir is more than just an extracurricular activity; it serves as an avenue to express themselves and be a part of something bigger. 

“Being in multiple activities in and out of school can be stressful, having to balance my busy life,” said Thoma. “Show choir is special for me because it’s somewhere to go when the world is just so crazy.”

Story by Braeden Craig