Bringing Change 2 Mind week is from February 27 to March 3. The goal of the week is to get the whole student body involved in conversations about mental health and making authentic connections. Throughout the week, the club will focus on certain topics for each day, with Monday being Cultivating a Safe Space, Tuesday Cultivating compassion, Wednesday Reaching Out, Thursday Staying Connected and Friday Community Connections. 

This year, the club is also planning on making a Monday Morning Meditation, Tuesday Candy and Compliments, Wednesday SAT Snacks, Thursday QR connects and Friday Green Out Day, with each day's activities correlating to the day's theme. 

Club members and Sponsor Carrie Cavanaugh have been working hard in order to make BC2M Week a success. “[ I am most excited about] having so many members of the club involved so they can really reach a lot of PHS students. Our message is just being aware and supporting each other through stress and anxiety,” said Cavanaugh.

Over the next few weeks, BC2M will be trying to get volunteers and get supplies in order to spread mental health awareness to the student body.

“We’d like to promote the club and its mission on a higher level because I know that there are a lot of PHS students who don’t really know what they do and what we’re about,” said Cavanaugh. “Maybe they’ll see us passing out candy and passing out positive messages.”

Story by Sri Nattam