Prom Planning

Dazzling lights, beautiful gowns and melodious music. Prom is on May 5, 2023, and planning for the event has already begun. 

Prom Co-Sponsor Brittanie Hacker held the first Prom Committee meeting Tuesday, February 7, in order to discuss details and theme ideas. While she is still in the early stages of planning, she hopes for more students to take part. “We would really like more students to get involved,” she said, explaining that the student body, as well as Sponsor Jamie Nichols and herself are in charge of the event. “We also work with outside vendors, such as the hotel's event planner, a florist, the DJ, etc. to plan the event.” 

Junior Hannah Arkins is among those helping to plan the dance. “We are ensuring that students have a great experience,” said Arkins. She explained that she believes Prom is an important event for students to attend. “It allows you to see students in a different environment,” she noted. “You are able to connect with many students that you may not see at school and have a fun night together.” 

Hacker agreed that Prom is a special night for students to dress up and have a good time, and added that the biggest challenge is ensuring that all students are happy with the chosen theme and activities. “Because there are so many students who attend, there are many different opinions and tastes,” explained Hacker. “We want Prom to be a fun and enjoyable event for all, so we work hard at including things we think the majority will like.”

Story by Lily Saylor