Please be sure your First Day of School Pictures with us. We are excited to welcome our Little Quakers this week. First day for Full Day is August 1. First day for 3 and 5 Half Day is August 3 and the first day for 2 Half Day is August 4.
7 days ago, Jacki Rogers
Welcome Back
We currently have two 2 Half Day PM class openings. This is a Tuesday and Thursday class from 12:50 - 3:15. We must have the registration fee and 2 day enrollment packet to hold a spot. All other classes have a waitlist.
20 days ago, Jacki Rogers
LQA letters with classroom information and supply lists have been mailed. You must have followed all enrollment steps to receive a letter. Everyone must complete the online enrolment. Children enrolled in our Community Program must have also paid the registration fee.
27 days ago, Jacki Rogers
The LQA office is closed until July 11. We hope your summer brings you lots of JOY!
about 2 months ago, Jacki Rogers
Currently all LQA community classes are full for the 2022 - 2023 school year. We do have waitlists available. Please call our office if you have any questions (317-754-2375).
2 months ago, Jacki Rogers
Enrollment Update: We only have 3 spots remaining in our 2 Day PM classes. All other classes have a waitlist. Please note that your registration fee and enrollment packet is what will hold your spot. You may bring them to our office at Clarks Creek Elementary. Thank you.
2 months ago, Jacki Rogers
Just a reminder: All PCSC Schools are CLOSED today for a Teacher In-Service Day. Hoping all of our Quakers enjoy their weekend! See you on Monday!
3 months ago, Plainfield Community School Corporation
This week, May 2 - May 6 is Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week. Be sure to let your child's teachers know how much you appreciate them!
3 months ago, Jacki Rogers
Teacher Appreciation Week
April Enrollment Update : Only 4 Half Day PM spots available. Please remember that only the registration fee and enrollment documents hold a spot.
4 months ago, Jacki Rogers
We hope that our Staff Spotlights have brought you joy. Below are our final two spotlights. Miss Tammy is our amazing Administrative Assistant. We are so appreciative of all that she does for us. Mrs. O'Bradovich is the Director of LQA and she loves the staff of LQA.
4 months ago, Jacki Rogers
We have two more members of our evaluation team at LQA, Autumn Wyndham and Jennifer Detlefsen. We are very thankful to have their expertise on our team.
4 months ago, Jacki Rogers
This week we are shining the spotlight on our wonderful therapists. Jenny Cook is our occupational therapist and Shannon Lewis and Cybil Burnside are our physical therapists. These therapists work with our Little Quakers who qualify for their services after an evaluation.
5 months ago, Jacki Rogers
Happy St. Patrick's Day! We hope that you are lucky and have a spot at LQA for the 2022 - 2023 school year. If not, please turn in your registration packet soon! We only have half day PM spots available.
5 months ago, Jacki Rogers
Did you know that Little Quakers Academy has Speech Therapists on staff for children who qualify for speech services with an IEP? Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Shelley, and Miss Wade are our spectacular speech therapists.
5 months ago, Jacki Rogers
Just a reminder: School is IN SESSION this Friday! In an earlier version of our school calendar, it was previously noted as a teacher development day. The calendar has since been revised and we are in school on Friday!
5 months ago, Plainfield Community School Corporation
School is IN SESSION
This week, we spotlight the full day assistants in Mrs. Rugg's classroom. Miss Myrna, Miss Doris, and Miss Denise are wonderful!
5 months ago, Jacki Rogers
Miss Myrna
Miss Doris
Miss Denise
2022 - 2023 Enrollment Update
5 months ago, Jacki Rogers
Enrollment 3/3
Our Staff Spotlights continue with Mrs. Hayes' full day assistants. Miss Amanda, Miss Rachel, and Miss Camryn bring JOY each day at LQA.
5 months ago, Jacki Rogers
Miss Amanda
Miss Rachel
Miss Camryn
Have you registered your child for the 2022 - 2023 school year? Spaces are limited You may drop off your registration fee and forms at the Clarks Creek Elementary office.
5 months ago, Jacki Rogers
2/25/2022 Update
Our next set of full day assistants are from Mrs. Carlton's classroom. Miss Jennefer, Miss Jessica, and Miss Karen are definitely a ray of sunshine at LQA.
6 months ago, Jacki Rogers
Miss Jennefer
Miss Jessica
Miss Karen