On a day when we often gather with family and friends, our focus this year is on our many gifts and not what is missing. We feel incredibly fortunate to do the work of educating children in a community that supports us in so many ways.
2 days ago, PCSC
Happy Thanksgiving from Plainfield Community School Corporation
After weeks of rehearsals, PHS students present "Clue On Stage," the High School Edition, this weekend. To learn how you can buy a ticket to livestream the production from the comfort of your home, click here: https://www.plainfield.k12.in.us/article/353039
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Clue On Stage, The High School Edition
Applications to fill the Board of School Trustees seat that will be vacated January 1 are now available online: https://5il.co/n62o. Completed applications must be delivered to the PCSC Administration Building, in person, before noon on Monday, November 30, 2020.
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School Board Applications now being accepted
Don't forget that this month's School Board meeting is this evening at 7 pm. Limited seating will be available (masks required), or you can follow us on YouTube in real time: https://youtube.com/c/PlainfieldCommunitySchoolCorpIndiana
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School Board meeting information
Please join #QuakerNation today as we take a few moments to thank and honor our veterans.
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Happy Veterans Day
In a community with so many deserving businesses and partners, it is truly an honor to be recognized by the Plainfield Chamber of Commerce as its 2020 Member of the Year. Thank you, Chamber, for your recognition of our entire staff!
18 days ago, PCSC
2020 Plainfield Chamber of Commerce Member of the Year plaque
Since this is the second week of the month, that means the PCSC School Board meeting takes place Thursday at 7 pm! We hope you'll join us, with limited seating available in-person, or endless seating via the YouTube channel! #QuakerFaces #WearYourMask
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The PCSC School Board monthly meeting is this Thursday at 7 pm1
We're hosting a job fair this Thursday, November 5 for bus drivers and aides, food services, instructional assistants and substitute teachers. Learn more about openings, apply on the spot, and possibly even interview while you're here! Details on the attached flyer.
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Job Fair: Thursday, November 5, 5-7 pm
This weekend we'll turn the calendar to November. We'll also turn back clocks by an hour, which means it's time to check the batteries in smoke detectors, change furnace filters, and all the tasks we've come to associate with the time change! Enjoy that extra hour of sleep!
29 days ago, PCSC
Don't forget to Fall Back this weekend for the time change!
Earlier this week, Mrs. Hacker's PHS Spanish class took to the courtyard to do some review work in the form of an Easter Egg Hunt! Learning tends to be more memorable and fun when combined with sunshine and fresh air!
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PHS Spanish students review for a test with an outdoor Easter Egg Hunt
PHS Spanish students review for a test with an outdoor Easter Egg Hunt
PHS Spanish students review for a test with an outdoor Easter Egg Hunt
Instructional Assistants are vital to the support of students and teachers, and as you'll see here, they love their jobs. You might too! Hear from a Van Buren IA: https://youtu.be/ADtjN5-4Bo8 and apply here: https://www.applitrack.com/plainfield/onlineapp/default.aspx
about 2 months ago, PCSC
Have you considered joining our Transportation team? We provide excellent training and support. Heather loves her job, and would love for you to join the team! https://youtu.be/UhrvlwUGC8Y. Apply here: https://www.applitrack.com/plainfield/onlineapp/default.aspx
about 2 months ago, PCSC
Good morning! Here is another Food Services manager who loves her job and is looking for dedicated, reliable and fun people! Check the video here: https://youtu.be/Xq25I3Q4TkA and apply here: https://www.applitrack.com/plainfield/onlineapp/default.aspx
about 2 months ago, PCSC
We're hiring for several positions, and will be sharing some video messages from a few of those departments in the coming days. Will YOU join our team? https://youtu.be/Ahp1gN4svec. Check openings and apply here: https://www.applitrack.com/plainfield/onlineapp/default.aspx
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PHS Food Services Manager - come join our team!
Today marks the 2nd Thursday of October, which means the monthly School Board meeting begins at 7 pm! Join us via YouTube or in person with a mask! The link to watch via YouTube is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxZjtUNZnSE
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Monthly school board meeting information
Tonight's the night! Quaker Conversations: your chance to ask questions of the school board & administrators in a casual setting. 6 pm, Door 2 of the Administration Building (985 Longfellow Lane) or watch via YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1H_8kz7mhI. Masks required.
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Graphic for Quaker Conversations: tonight at 6 pm
Final reminder: special board meeting tomorrow morning, here in the Administration Building (985 Longfellow Lane, Door 2) at 7:30 am. Join us in person (wearing a mask) or via YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PF6cFcGKeCE. Primary purpose is approval of PPEA agreement.
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Plainfield School Board
Don't forget: Monday evening, 6 pm - Quaker Conversations. Join the board and administrators to ask the questions on your mind. Wear a mask and join us at the Administration Building, 6 pm. Or watch via YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiX88E0iwuUz38LKfjZlbDw
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Quaker Conversations, Oct 5 at 6 pm
Suicide Prevention Month is almost over, but the growing number of our friends and family who need our support will need that support in October, and January, and every. single. day. #SuicidePrevention #StigmaFree #YouAreNotAlone
about 2 months ago, PCSC
10% of young adults say they experienced suicidal thoughts in the past year
It's Homecoming, and Senior Night for @PHSBand, and it looks to be a great night for #FridayNightLights! The game is sold out but you can follow the livestream action via: https://www.ihsaatv.org/MidState/PlainfieldAthletics/?B=196355 #QuakerFaces
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Link to IHSAA Champions Network coverage for Decatur Central vs Plainfield, varsity football, 9-25-20