First grade student "flips the switch" to turn the power back on for her fictional neighborhood

First grade students from Brentwood and Clarks Creek enjoyed some outdoor time this morning for the annual Transportation Day. With trucks and cars of all varieties, the students were able to explore the many types of wheels, including a "Spin the Wheel" game from the Indiana Pacers!

First grade students from Brentwood and Clarks Creek spin the Pacers' wheel on Transportation Day

Great variety of trucks for Transportation Day

Some of the participants included local and state police, including a S.W.A.T. armored vehicle; a USPS mail truck;  a variety of fire and EMS trucks, including the fire department's hauler for their water-rescue boats; Duke Energy and IPL bucket trucks; a race car; Rowdy's van; the Plainfield Library's bicycle bookmobile; the Frigid Frog's mobile vehicle, which thanks to the PTO, was giving out blue and purple shaved ice; several military trucks; and Town of Plainfield Public Works trucks.

Students loved climbing into the police cars and turning on the sirens

Exploring the mail truck was great fun, plus the mail carrier had candy to share!

While the event only lasted an hour, students had plenty of time to explore and climb on or in the vehicles. Some were overwhelmed by the sheer size of the trucks, while others didn't hesitate for a moment to climb aboard.

Students pose in front of the Pacers/Boomer van
Students hold the mic at the FOX59 news van

The Library and Frigid Frog were popular stops for students

This annual first grade event is not only fun, but it's an important learning opportunity for our students as they begin to understand more about the world around them. Without the support of so many parents and local businesses or service agencies, this would not be possible. Thank you to everyone who participated!

The Plainfield Fire Territory brought their boat hauler, and students loved climbing on board the water rescue boats

Big smiles from the water rescue boats

Shaved ice from inside a humvee - hard to beat that!

Thank you to our local and state police officers!

Future paramedics? Could be!

Climbing aboard a fire truck is always a big hit

Thank you to everyone who brought their special truck or vehicle to today's Transportation Event!

Rowdie was a crowd favorite!

Thumbs up for Transportation Day!

Mrs. Cade's class had a great time at Transportation Day!