Arrival & Dismissal - Procedures for Car Riders & Walkers

Car Riders:

Parents, please read and follow these arrival and dismissal procedures. Please also remember that bus transportation is available for all students living within the Clarks Creek district outside of walking areas and may be a better option for your child. If you must drop off/pick your child up as a car rider, it is imperative that these guidelines are followed; the safety and security of all students depends on your patience with this process.  Slower speeds, patience, awareness, and caution are the keys to a safe arrival and dismissal of our students.  Drop-off begins at 8:30, after a staff member is present.  No students should be dropped off until our staff member on duty has arrived. All car riders should be seated in drop-off vehicles on the passenger side so they will be ready to exit and enter on the “school side.”  Parents should remain in vehicles.  Any child needing assistance out of the car will be helped by our staff on duty. This is for your safety and  the safety of your child.  At arrival and dismissal, vehicles picking students up should move as far forward as possible, as directed.  This will speed things up for everyone.

Arrival for Kindergarten 1st, & 2nd Grade Car Riders*

Parents are to drop students off in the north parking lot only, beginning at 8:30. Parents should enter the lot off Michael Drive.  Follow the arrows around the parking lot in a single line until the car is parallel to the north doors 10 and 11.  Students should exit from the passenger side. Cars should stay in line to exit back onto Michael Drive. Please only allow your child to leave the vehicle once it isl parallel to the north side of the building and you see a staff member present for supervision. 

Arrival for 3rd, 4th, & 5th Grade Car Riders* 

3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students are dropped off on the south side of the building.  Cars should proceed down the hill, then come up next to the sidewalk near Door 2 to drop off students.  The exception to this would be if a 3rd, 4th or 5th grade student has a younger sibling. In that case, they are to be dropped off in the north lot at Door 11. 

*Families with students in grades that would be dropped off/picked up in two locations should use the grade level of the younger student.

Dismissal – Students are to be picked up on the same side as arrival.  Parents should line up in a double line following the parking lot markings in the north lot, and in a single line in the south lot. As traffic moves, please reduce space between vehicles to allow more cars into the lots.  Students will be allowed to only enter cars that are moved up far enough so as to be parallel to the building along the sidewalks. Students must enter vehicles from the passenger side. Students in the north lot must receive permission from a staff member before crossing to a vehicle. Students should never be called to walk between cars to access their rides.  Once the line ahead of you has moved, you may then pull up parallel to the building and your child will get in the car. Watch for signals from staff members motioning you forward. 

In order to better monitor the adults arriving to pick up students in the car rider lines, families will be provided with a car-rider hang-tag.  This tag should be prominently displayed in the vehicle that will be used to pick up the child from school during dismissal.  When there are exceptions to this and a trusted family member or friend will be picking up your child without a hangtag, please send a note to school with the name of the person picking your child up and let that person know to bring ID for pick-up.