Dear Parents,

We have put together a list of fun and educational websites that our students can use from home. Some of these websites require you to set up a free account in order to get started, while others are just click and go. This is certainly a very short list, we encourage you to help your child locate other sites to help them learn, but please, make sure to always supervise ANY website your child visits.

WEBSITE NOTES pre-K through Grade 5 pre-K through Grade 2 a trusted place for kids to learn math and reading games Dance Mat Typing – keyboarding self-guided keyboarding tutorials online educational games for K - 2 sign up is free, some students have account from their classroom fun math website This website is called Math Magician. Students can review math facts of all kinds. supplemental math lessons, sign up for free! creative study tools and apps make studying FUN! Create a free account. Plainfield Public Library

SITES THAT REQUIRE STUDENTS TO KNOW THEIR STUDENT USERNAME AND PASSWORD: reading all subjects computer skills reading, writing & science