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RTI stands for response to instruction and/or intervention.  Clarks Creek Elementary teachers, instructional assistants and administration are constantly looking at assessments to plan for instruction. If a student needs more support in any area of the curriculum, based on their performance, we will respond to this student by increasing the amount of support that is being offered.  This may be through more one on one support, small group instruction, or by teaching the standards in a different format.  Progress will be monitored and students will have set goals that need to be met to show proficiency.  RTI can be used to enhance instruction for students who need more enrichment or can also be used to meet the needs of students who are struggling.  The goal of RTI is to allow for all students to show maximum growth.  


Title I at Clarks Creek Elementary allows for additional support to be offered to students who are performing below grade level in the area of Language Arts.  Each year teachers look at student performance and identify the students who need additional support, starting with the lowest performing students.  Title I staff are hired to offer remediation in Language Arts for all students in grades K-3.  This remediation takes place daily and is integrated into the grade level schedules.  The instruction is research-based and progress is monitored every 2-3 weeks based on students' individual goals.  All parents of Title I students will be notified in the fall and be offered a parent meeting to answer further questions.  This program is based on the percentage of students who are on free and/or reduced lunch from the previous year, so it is never a guarantee that the school will continue to be Title I from one year to the next.  We have seen great progress from students who have received Title I intervention.