Congratulations Mrs. Mennonno!

Your Plainfield Teacher of the Year for 2019 is ... Clarks Creek 2nd grade teacher Ann Mennonno! A committee of teachers, administrators, parents and community leaders met last evening to interview the final three candidates: Mennonno (who was selected to represent the four elementary schools), Shauna McLaughlin from PCMS and Rachel Freeman from PHS.

Pictured above: Ann Mennonno with her 2nd grade class, and Marisa Donovan, Colleen Perry, and Scott Olinger.

In addition to her second grade classroom, Ann is the English Language Learner (ELL) lead for Clarks Creek. With more than 50 ELL students at Clarks Creek, Ann works with other teachers to ensure a culture of empathy and understanding as these young minds absorb, learn and master the English language.

Ann has consistently demonstrated her love for learning as she finds innovative ways to engage her students on a daily basis. Book discussions might include a meal based on the culture of the book, or an outdoor camping day (complete with s'mores), or assignments that include watching the moon each night for a week.

Plainfield is rich with accomplished, passionate educators, and each year it is exciting, yet challenging, to select the individual who will represent our community as Teacher of the Year. As Ann goes on to be compete for Indiana's 2019 Teacher of the Year, we feel confident that she will be a formidable candidate, but regardless, we are thrilled to call her one of our own!