Mrs. Adams' class after competing in their version of the Kentucky Derby

On this sunny and mild September Friday, there were plenty of smiling students at Clarks Creek Elementary, and many of them came while spending part of their morning outdoors. 

To celebrate tomorrow’s running of the Kentucky Derby, Mrs. Adams’ class of three-year olds (Little Quakers Academy) held their own mini-derby, complete with paper hats and foam ponies. When all was said and done, their smiles almost rival those of the winning Derby team!

Mrs. Millis’ preschool class picked the perfect morning for outdoor messy time! While some students rolled their front-loaders and bulldozers through dirt piles contained by plastic bins, others used hammers and roller brushes to create painted works of art. 

Kindergarten students have been learning about Mother Goose, and ended the week by competing in the Nursery Rhyme Olympics. From waddling with balloons between their knees, to racing to find letters on a grid, to another race while balancing a (wooden!) egg on a spoon, and even a replica of the beloved Jack and Jill rhyme, the playground was filled with smiles and shrieks.

Clarks Creek 4th grade classes visited The Imagination Lab this week, and two of the classes spent the morning reading a book, discussing it and then illustrating their own pop-up cards based on their discussion. While it’s not quite the same as previous years’ odysseys, the excitement for time in the Lab, as well as the opportunity to learn in different spaces and ways brought smiles, even amidst their concentration.

We hope all of our Quaker Families enjoy the extra time off this Labor Day Weekend. Please remember, continuing to socially distance, wear masks and practice excellent hand-washing outside of school will help these boys and girls stay in school. 

We look forward to seeing everyone again on Tuesday!