5th grade students proudly ready to work their Cookie Sale

Teachers and students have spent a lot of time this year talking about design thinking and the 4Cs (Communication, Collaboration, Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking), and they have practiced each of those skills as they prepared for today's Cookie Sale. 

Faced with the challenge to raise money for an unexpected (but really cool) field trip, the students put their heads together and decided to host a cookie sale in the cafeteria. 

Given Board of Health, Board of Accounts, USDA and many other requirements, the students overcame every challenge and today was the culminating activity - the cookie sale. 

At just $0.75 each, the warm chocolate chip cookies smelled delicious, and from the looks on the faces of their satisfied customers, they must have tasted as great as they smelled!

As part of their preparation, students toured the school kitchen, cut and placed the dough on cookie sheets, and prepared their sales space. Students took turns serving cookies and making change. 

When asked what their favorite part of the process was, some responded that they loved learning more about the kitchen, while others said they were excited to have come up with a solution to a challenge. Each of the students interviewed were very proud of their work and said it had been a lot of fun.