Students Seek Funding for JA BizTown

Our fifth grade students have big ideas!  They hope to have an opportunity to attend JA BizTown, a program offered through the Junior Achievement organization.  In this field trip experience, students take on the persona of a member of a community and spend a day in that role to learn through "real-life experience" how parts of a community are interrelated and their importance in that.  In addition, financial literacy is explored and students learn how important it is to be careful with their money.  

To fund this trip, our students took on the task of finding ways to earn some money and have created their own fundraisers to help earn the funds they need. As one of those, they have created a "GoFundMe" account and have written about their desire to attend this field trip and reasons they feel it is important. They would love for you to check it out and read all about it at this link:  

5th Grade BizTown "Go Fund Me" Fundraiser Information

Thanks for your support!