3rd Grade Music Program & Art Show

Tonight is our 3rd grade art show and music program!  Come and see our students' beautiful artwork in the hallway gallery (art/music room hallway) and see our students perform the show, "Bring on the Snow!" in the gym.  The show will be performed in two groups, based on students' classrooms.  Mrs. Allen, Miss Holstad, and Mrs. Richter's classes will perform the 6:30 show, and Mrs. Metz, Mrs. McGary, and Mrs. Carlson's classes will perform at 7:30.  Mrs. Judd's class will be split and will perform with the class with whom they attend special classes.  

All students should be in their classrooms 15 minutes before their respective showtimes.  Doors for the first show will open at 6:10.  For the second show, students should be in their classes by 7:15.  Because the first show will still be concluding, the line for parents and friends attending the second performance will begin inside near door 5 and will wind around through the 5th grade hall into the art/music hallway.  All doors to the building except for door 7, The Imagination Lab door, will be open for your arrival.  If you park in The Imagination Lab lot, please enter through door 9 near the dock.  

We look forward to seeing you tonight and can't wait for you to see what our students have been working so hard on!