Flyer explaining October 30 Community Forum, featuring Nathan Harmon: Your Life Speaks

Over the last two years, PCMS and PHS have hosted student convocations featuring Nathan Harmon, currently the most frequently booked school speaker. Nathan's personal story of family, loss, addiction and recovery, and the power of choices, grabs the attention of his audiences and takes them on his own journey, while relating it to the challenges each of us face at one time or another. 

As part of our community forum series, Nathan returns next week to continue his trauma-informed conversation with high school students, but also to speak to our community. 

We hope you will join us for this FREE community forum, Wednesday evening at 6:30 in the PHS Auditorium (One Red Pride Drive, enter Door 1). Nathan speaks from the heart with every ounce of his being, and will take you through his journey as he discovered the power of forgiveness, hope and healthy choices.  

Parents and adults of our community, this is your chance to hear from a survivor. An adult who hears the stories of our kids daily, listens to their heartaches and stories of despair, and reassures them that hope does exist, with examples of how they can find their way to the other side. 

Whether it's eating disorders, anxiety, bullying, self-harm, addiction, grief ... Nathan has either experienced it or supported others through their own journeys. This forum will be quite different from what we've offered in previous years, but just as powerful. We hope you will spend some time listening to Nathan's story of loss, recovery and hope, and learn how we can apply his experiences to the youth of our community.