Class with Dogs

For 3rd graders in Mrs. Bangel's class, it wasn't about the chance to hang out with Plainfield Police Officer Pritchard, K9 Officer Jocko, Kelly Manns from the Hendricks County Animal Shelter, or Tink, one of the dogs available for adoption.

(This was a HUGE perk, though.)

It wasn't about the breadsticks that Midwest Pizza King brought as a thank you to the class. 

(Although they were delicious!)

It was about drawing attention to the dogs and cats that are available for adoption at the Hendricks County Animal Shelter. 

When they brainstormed ideas on how to help, they came up with creating flyers that can be attached to pizza boxes. As customers come to pick up their order, they'd have a flyer that would tell them about the animal and a QR code that they can scan for more information. 

What goes better with great pizza than cute animals that need forever homes? (Nothing, that's what.)

These flyers were designed, written, and created by the class. On Wednesday, they got the opportunity to showcase what they'd come up with to everyone involved from the other organizations, and it was a huge hit! They're thrilled that families around Plainfield will get to see the flyers they created, but they're mostly hopeful that all of these animals find their permanent homes!

Check out their flyers below!