CSforGood Winners

In honor of National Computer Science Week (CSEdWeek), three fourth-grade students known as the "Clarks Creek Coding Crew" showcased their initiative, "Clarks Creek SafePass," during the NexTech CSforGood competition finals at the Indiana State House on Wednesday, December 6, 2023. 

 "Clarks Creek SafePass" is an app designed for parents of car rider students. When asked about their project, students said, “This app would allow parents to check in while they are in the car rider line so teachers would know which students to have ready to go to their car. We think a car rider app would benefit teachers, students, and parents in our school community by making it safer.”

Mrs. Bangel and the "Clarks Creek SafePass" crew!

Pictured above: Mrs. Bangel and the "Clarks Creek SafePass" crew!

Mrs. Erin Bangel, their sponsor, provided assistance as needed, but the conceptualization, design, and construction of their app were entirely the students' own accomplishments.

Pictured above: Students and the CSforGood judges with their "SafePass" friendship bracelets

Chosen as one of four teams representing the Elementary School Division, these students presented their project to parents, fellow contest participants, legislators, and judges from within the computer science realm. Then, once they’d made their final presentation, their future was in the hands of the judges!

Pictured above: Students showcase their app (and friendship bracelets!) to CSforGood judges

Typically, there is only one winner from each division (elementary, middle, and high school) but this year, the judges were so impressed with two elementary school projects that they awarded them both as winners.


Pictured above: Mrs. Bangel and students accepting their award

Each winning team receives a $1,000 technology grant for their school, and each winning team member receives $200. 

After winning, they were escorted to Governor Eric Holcomb’s office, where they got to meet him and explain their app–and give him a “SafePass” friendship bracelet!

Pictured above: "Clarks Creek Coding Crew" students explaining their winning app to Governor Holcomb

Pictured above: Governor Holcomb admiring his "SafePass" friendship bracelet

Pictured above: Governor Holcomb, Mrs. Erin Bangel, Mrs. Karisa Schwanekamp, and students pose with their "SafePass" friendship bracelets in the Governor's office

HUGE congratulations to these fantastic  students and their sponsor,  Mrs. Bangel. They have so much to be proud of!