Back to School 2020

As we prepare for the 2020-2021 school year, this will be your go-to space to find the latest updates. And despite the collective best interests of all of us, we want to stress that these will be UPDATES, as all the information, the guidance and the data continues to change.

Even though we're quickly approaching our 2020 #FDOS (First Day of School), which is August 5th, there are still many unknowns, and many moving targets. The plans we've put in place consider that we will eagerly welcome students back to school, but we will be ready to adapt if it becomes necessary to do so.

So if you think you've missed an email, or you can't find something that you're sure we've talked about, be sure to check right here!

CN: The Nurse's Clinic

CN: Arrival and Dismissal

CN: Breakfast and Lunch

CN: Classroom Instruction

CN: Computers for K-5

CN: Recess

CN: Remote Learning

CN: Specials

CN: Supply List 2020-2021