Safety first, and Grandpa-approved

We've said it many times - we are in the business of educating children, but keeping them safe is our top priority. So with that in mind, let's think about the math, and the challenges, of safely getting students out of their classrooms and on their way home at the end of each school day.

For those who ride buses, the process is orderly and well-practiced. For the walkers and bike riders, likewise. But what about those children who are going to get in a car with someone at the end of the day?

At Brentwood Elementary, Principal Nicole Walker, in her first year in Plainfield, knew she wanted to add more security to the car rider process, and she had a plan to put it in place. And after three short days, it's working quite well.

206 students get in someone's car at the end of the day. This week, about 70 cars have lined up, many of them nearly an hour before the final school bell rings. And today, just 13 minutes after dismissal, the last car pulled away.

The process may appear simple but actually required great thought and planning, not to mention careful execution by MANY teachers. But with number cues in the hallways, number cards on backpacks, assigned and coordinating number cards on car dashboards, and several walkie talkies, the system is working.

In fact, while waiting in line today, one grandpa told Mrs. Walker how much he appreciated the new process, and the added layer of security.

So while lining up three-abreast to enter the parking lot might feel more like a car wash than a school pick-up line, it's actually a proven, safe and secure strategy. And now, it's Grandpa-approved.

It's hard to top the approval of a grandparent, isn't it?