The PCSC Communications Department supports the district with internal and external communications regarding school and community.

Thanks to a partnership with the Central Indiana Education Services Cooperative, we're able to produce a video each year that tells a specific story about Plainfield Schools. With so many stories to share, it is hard to keep each one to a manageable two-three minutes! You'll find the video links below.

We publish a newsletter twice a year, usually in January and July. That newsletter is mailed to all residents of Guilford Township. Please let us know if you are a township resident and are not receiving one!

We encourage you to follow us online, via this website, FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


  • Preparing Students through Exploration
  • Excitement, Achievement, Challenge: The Plainfield Way


From time-to-time, we host community or parent forums on a variety of topics. We will share the presentation materials in this location.

2019 Kindergarten & New Parent Forum


Twice each year, usually in January and July, we mail a printed newsletter to all residences in Guilford Township. We provide links to those newsletters here.

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Two years ago, PCSC staff created an entirely new website and mobile app. We continue to tweak and improve the site, and wanted to share some updates with you via this document.


In today’s world, people are accessing online data from their phones or mobile devices more than ever. In fact, 80% of adults in the United States use their mobile phone to consume online information. And according to a recent Yahoo! study, 90% of consumers spend their mobile time using apps, not browsers. We recognized the need to move to a website that works as well as a mobile application as it does on a desktop computer. In fact, 24% of adults ages 30 – 49 no longer have broadband internet at home – they conduct nearly all of their online activity via smart phones.

We’ve also learned that many people thought they were using the mobile app, when instead they were finding their way to the website from the browser on their phone or tablet. There is a big difference, and ultimately, you may choose to use both.

If you’re just wanting to check the weekly lunch menu, or follow the latest news, blog posts or Facebook and Twitter posts from PCSC or any of the schools, then the mobile app is great. If you want to read the bios of our district administrators or school board members, you’ll find that information on the website. Want to call a school or email a teacher? You can do that directly from the app, without having to copy and paste a phone number or email address. We’ll go into more detail about the app later in this document.



When you’re looking at the website via desktop or laptop browser, you’ll see a rotating gallery of photos. These photos change with each SCHOOL you visit. It’s been said “a picture is worth a thousand words;” when it comes to our students and teachers, we think there’s a lot of truth to that.


When you’re on a main page – one that contains the rotating photo gallery, we encourage you to scroll down, below the fold, essentially. There you will find three key features of the site: LIVE FEED, UPCOMING EVENTS, NEWS.

  • LIVE FEED, contains our tweets and Facebook posts, all in one spot
  • UPCOMING EVENTS – similar to how this section worked on the former site
  • NEWS, is much like a blog; you’ll find slightly longer articles on a wide variety of topics, but not as long as you might expect in a newsletter or newspaper


The upper right corner of every page on the website is anchored by a red box that contains the “search” icon, a magnifying glass. Just to the left of the red box are your options EXPLORE, SCHOOLS AND LANGUAGE.

When you click on the Explore button, it opens up all of the information and sections for the school that you’ve selected. By default, the website opens to the PCSC, or district/corporation page. From there, you can select your school.


To select an individual school or program, you’ll click on SCHOOLS.


The final button at the top of the page allows you to select between English and Spanish.

Let’s go back to EXPLORE.

Let’s say you’re on the Brentwood Elementary page. When you click Explore, a new page opens with six icons across the top of the page. These icons represent “dynamic” sections – you’ll find them on the mobile app, and they contain information that will change frequently: social media feeds, short news stories, weekly school menus, documents and a staff directory.

Section headings are listed below the icons, and are considered “static.” The content on those pages won’t change as frequently, and can only be accessed from your web browser (on a mobile or desktop device).


On your mobile device, you can download the app by going to the App Store (Apple or Google) and searching “Plainfield Community School Corporation.” The app is free, of course.

Like the website, the app is divided into key areas based on navigation at the top of the page.

Photo 1 (above) represents the opening page of the app. Once you’ve opened the app, you may not see this page again until you turn off/on your device.

Photo 2 occurs when you click the three parallel bars in the upper left corner of the app. It reveals the items in the app’s menu.

Photo 3 reveals the list of schools, which can be found when you click the round blue button on the upper right corner

Photo 4: This is the Live Feed, which is where you’ll find our Facebook or Twitter posts, by school (plus athletics).

Photo 5 is the Events section. We think you’ll enjoy the fact that you can expand an event for more details, download it to your calendar, forward via email to a friend, or get directions to the event’s location.

Photo 6 represents the new Staff Directory. Now you can call or email a teacher, with just a click or two from your phone.

Other key areas of the app? Documents are sorted into folders (by school) with important files you may need throughout the year. Notifications? We’re not using it yet, but plan to test it in the future. And finally, Settings. Like most mobile apps, this is where you go to create your own preferences.

If you’re on the website and can’t find something, go up to the red box to do a search. Trying to find something and can’t figure out how we’ve organized files? Check the Documents section.

If all else fails, email me: We really want this to be a tool that makes it easy to stay connected with our school family, and for our parents and community to have easy access to important information about Plainfield schools.