We have already begun working with PCSC staff to increase the frequency and depth of cleaning/sanitizing steps. This includes custodians, food services, transportation ... but also our clinics, classrooms and offices. Working together, we will ALL support the effort to wipe down common surfaces such as door knobs, light switches, keyboards, cots, even soap and sanitizing dispensers!

Note that the CDC has stated two important details regarding this:

  1. Washing/cleaning/sanitizing with soap and water is fine, as long as you're washing hands for 20 seconds. No specific "special products" are needed

  2. Sanitizing gel is also fine, but note that it must be rubbed into the skin until it's dry.

Also based on CDC guidance, we will not begin the widespread use of masks in school. Masks do not provide any benefit to healthy individuals, and if someone is exhibiting symptoms of coronavirus, they need to be isolated at home.

Coughing or sneezing into a tissue, elbow or sleeve is recommended. Tissues should be immediately thrown away in trash receptacles.

Should the COVID-19 virus come to Hendricks County, we will follow the direction of the state or county Health Department. If their direction is that we close, we will close. We do not anticipate this happening, but we will absolutely follow the direction of the experts.

These common-sense steps will support students and staff against common winter germs, including colds, seasonal flu and strep, in addition to COVID-19. They are smart practices for all individuals and organizations and we encourage families to follow the same practices at home.