Did you help paint Starry Night at last year's gala? Buy your tickets now for the 2024 Imagine the Sciences: A Butterfly Gala (Early Bird price extended through August 1) to see the completed artwork! Join us for a fun evening and be a part of creating our next masterpiece - September 21, 2024. https://www.plainfield.k12.in.us/o/the-imagination-lab/page/friends-of-the-lab
about 1 month ago, Tracy Ballinger
Starry Night at The Lab
Starry Night at the gala
2024 details
Tickets on sale NOW! Early bird $50 through June 1 (regular price $60). https://www.plainfield.k12.in.us/o/the-imagination-lab/page/friends-of-the-lab
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Butterfly Gala September 21, 7-9 pm
Happy Eclipse Day! Enjoy safely with your cereal box eclipse viewer (https://www.plainfield.k12.in.us/article/1502576) or use a kitchen strainer. Light will shine through the holes making beautiful images of the moon crossing into and out of our view of the sun. Look at the shadows only - not though the holes! Group names this year are based on eclipse terms - ask your child if they remember theirs and what it means!
3 months ago, Tracy Ballinger
kitchen colander
Summer Odyssey Camp registration opens TONIGHT at 6 PM. We're so excited to share with you all of the Odyssey activities we have been planning! Make sure to sign up early for your preferred activity and dates to be secured. #QuakersImagine
5 months ago, Megan O'Brien
Summer Odyssey Camp Registration opens at 6 PM tonight. Last day to register is March 5th by 6 PM.
Summer Camp registration opens TOMORROW at 6 pm. Check out the dates and themes for students entering grades 1-5 in 2024-2025 at https://sites.google.com/plainfield.k12.in.us/summer-24-the-imagination-lab
5 months ago, Tracy Ballinger
Summer Odyssey Camps
We hope you have a great winter break!
7 months ago, Tracy Ballinger
Happy winter break
Today is the day for the annular eclipse. But it looks like clouds might not let the Midwest put our cereal box eclipse viewers to use from 11:39 am to 2:28 pm (max at 1:01 pm). Good thing you can watch it live from NASA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlY79zjud-Q
9 months ago, Tracy Ballinger
It's officially the first day of school for the 2023-24 school year! While we don't have Odysseys until August 7, we are looking forward to the start of another great year! Welcome back, students! #QuakersImagine
12 months ago, Kayla Hargaden
back to school
We are SO CLOSE to the first day of school! Two more days! See you soon! #QuakersImagine
12 months ago, Kayla Hargaden
2 days left
Five days left! Are you ready for school? #QuakersImagine
12 months ago, Kayla Hargaden
5 more days
There are 10 days left before school starts again! We hope everyone has been having a great summer break and enjoy the last few days with family. We'll see you soon! School starts August 2! #QuakersImagine
12 months ago, Kayla Hargaden
10 day countdown
HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! Swipe right to remind yourself why we celebrate today, and to learn how fireworks create different colors when they light up. #TheMoreYouKnow #QuakersImagine
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4th of july
independence day
fireworks composition
Happy Summer Solstice! If you head outside at 10:57AM today in Indianapolis you will see the sun reach its highest point in the sky all year! After this the sun will be moving southward in the sky again. #TheMoreYouKnow #QuakersImagine
about 1 year ago, Kayla Hargaden
summer solstice
#TheMoreYouKnow Juneteenth Edition! #QuakersImagine
about 1 year ago, Kayla Hargaden
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the great dads out there! Enjoy your day with your loved ones!
about 1 year ago, Kayla Hargaden
father's day
World Environment Day is a global outreach day to encourage worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. This year's theme focuses on solutions that tackle plastic pollution! Check out their website for more ways to help the environment #BeatPlasticPollution, and let us know what you're doing in your own part of the neighborhood! #TheMoreYouKnow #QuakersImagine
about 1 year ago, Kayla Hargaden
World Environment Day
It's June, so it's officially National Caribbean-American Heritage Month! While the Caribbean does encompass several countries, the flags you see here are part of the official "Caribbean Community" (including the CarCom flag)! #TheMoreYouKnow #QuakersImagine
about 1 year ago, Kayla Hargaden
caribbean american heritage month
We hope everyone is having a happy summer! Our Summer Odysseys are going well, and students have been having a blast. Here's a sneak peek at kids in our zLab during our lunch rotations, kids having fun in the cafeteria, and some of our students in our Building Basics camp making their own birdhouses. #QuakersImagine #SummeratTheLab
about 1 year ago, Kayla Hargaden
zLab Students
Camp Lunchtime
Building Basics
Happy National Creativity Day! One of our largest focuses at The Imagination Lab is for students to use their creativity to think outside the box and look at multiple possibilities, and today is a fantastic day to emphasize this. Einstein says it best, "Creativity is intelligence having fun." What can you be creative with today? #QuakersImagine
about 1 year ago, Kayla Hargaden
national creativity day
einstein on creativity
In honor and remembrance of fallen soldiers.
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memorial day