students on food truck at PPD

The Quaker Break food truck was out serving members of the Plainfield Police Department this afternoon. 

The Quaker Brake is staffed by high school students with special needs and supported by staff members across the district. While the Quaker Brake is a fun and engaging learning opportunity, it also helps to provide important employability skills for our students.

National data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, The ARC of Indiana and The Brookings Institution indicate that the unemployment rate for persons with a disability is more than twice the rate of those with no disability.  While serving snacks and beverages to the community, the food truck provides invaluable social, communication and functional work experiences to high school-aged students with disabilities as they prepare to enter the workforce. We also seek to increase the likelihood of their employment as adults.

Money earned from selling items on the food truck will be placed in an Extra Curricular Account and used to continue to fund the project. Through the Quaker Brake, the staff of Plainfield High School aspires to encourage a joy for learning within our students as they serve and interact with our community.