Meghan Hamlin, Brentwood Elementary 2nd Grade Teacher

Meet Meghan Hamlin, 2nd  grade teacher at Brentwood Elementary School. Meghan is one of many PHS graduates who teach in Plainfield, now beginning her 13th year at Brentwood. Her first six years were spent teaching 1st grade, and she’s been with 2nd grade students ever since. She also helps with the Art and Robotics after-school clubs.

When asked about the best part of her daily work, she said “SMILES and HUGS every day!” She also loves watching her students experience success - whether learning English, overcoming a social/behavioral goal, or tacking a new achievement. She says her greatest joy, though, is watching students work together, developing team-building and problem-solving skills.

Meghan has always enjoyed art, especially drawing, photography and painting. She also loves to play and watch all sports.

Meghan wants today’s adults to know that children are extremely eager to learn. Specifically, they just need to be set on the correct path with an appropriate toolbox to help them succeed.

About Brentwood Elementary
  Built: 1963; most recent renovation: 2017
  Enrollment, October 2018: 417
  Ratio of certified teachers to students: 23:1