As for all students, doors open at 8:30am with the tardy bell ringing at 8:50am. If your student is walking to school, they are able to enter through either the bus doors or the front door with the car riders during that time frame. If the student arrives to school after the tardy bell, they will need to come through the front door, Door 1, and go through the office to be signed in.

At dismissal time, 3:50pm, staff members will escort any walkers to one of two locations. The "front" of the building will use the crosswalk that goes over Oliver Avenue. The "back" of the building will take the sidewalk near the basketball courts, towards Section Street.

Car Riders:

Drivers, please read and follow the listed arrival and dismissal procedures listed below. Remember that bus transportation is available for all students living within the Brentwood district outside of walking areas and may be a better option for your child. If you must or choose to drop off/pick up your student up as a car rider, it is imperative that these guidelines are followed; the safety and security of all students depends on your patience with this process. Slower speeds, patience, awareness, and caution are the keys to a safe arrival and dismissal of our students. Please do not pass vehicles that are stopped unless a staff member motions for you to do so.

CarRiders for both Arrival and Dismissal should enter the parking lot via the Northeast corner off Elm Dr and Hancook Rd.

Morning Arrival:

As for all students, doors open at 8:30am with the tardy bell ringing at 8:50am. If your student is being driven to school, they will enter the front door, Door 1. No students should be dropped off until one of our staff members on duty is present on the sidewalk. All car riders should be seated in drop-off vehicles on the passenger side so they will be ready to exit on the "school side." Please pull up as far as you can and the student(s) may get out of the car when you are beside any part of the sidewalk in front of the building. Parents should remain in vehicles. Any student needing assistance out of the car will be helped by our staff on duty.

Should you prefer to park, you may do so and walk your student across the crosswalk. PLEASE pay close attention to staff as they are helping with traffic flow and in this case the cars in the drop off line have first priority for movement. Parents are NOT able to walk their student to their classroom.

Afternoon Dismissal:

If your student is going to be a car rider after school more than once a month you need to have a Car Rider Number assigned from the office. These car rider signs should be placed in a visible location, i.e. passenger side of dashboard or backside of a visor, for easy identification. A staff member will collect car rider numbers to assist the staff members inside the building in locating and sending out students when your car is at the front of the building. If you do not have a car rider number, prepare to show your identification to verify that you are on the authorized pick up list for the student. Please see the image below to help aid in a smooth car rider pick up line.