CHAP isn't just short for chapter...

For 53 Juniors at Plainfield High School, CHAP isn’t always short for “chapter.” 

In this case, it stands for “Cultural History of the American People.” It’s a combination class lasting two class periods, which is half English 11 Honors and half U.S. History Honors. For completion of two semesters in the U.S. History portion, students can earn 3 college credits at Indiana University.

Co-taught by English teacher Carrie Cavanaugh and US History teacher Adam Ferguson, this class gives Juniors an introduction to class structure in higher education. Now in their 5th year teaching this class together, the pair is as in sync as figure skating pairs. They know when the syllabi needs to be adjusted and can react accordingly. Each class is structured to create a class period that changes frequently. For example, if US History is discussing the Truman Doctrine, the English class is talking about the ways the Truman Doctrine is sprinkled throughout the novel they’re currently reading. The students are held to high standards, and they rise to the occasion. 

By challenging these students, we ask them to evolve their way of thinking, hone presentation skills, and develop non-linear thinking which will help them in any future endeavors.