NTO Cohort

Today, Plainfield Schools welcomed FORTY (40!) new teachers to our district. This is the largest New Teacher Cohort we’ve ever had, and we’re excited for them to bring their talents to our classrooms!

For a few, this is a dream come true, having waited for their ideal position in the school district to open. For some, they’re returning as a teacher, having graduated from Plainfield in the past. 

For some others, Plainfield’s reputation attracted them from other schools. 

Whatever their story may be, we’re thrilled that they’re here!

Their “New Teacher Orientation” will last for a full school year–we will meet with them monthly for trainings, check-ins, and team building. We want them to feel supported in their first year of teaching in Plainfield. 

Join us in welcoming these new teachers that will help us by Bringing Joy to Learning!