Curiosity Kits courtesy of Duke Energy

Thanks to a generous grant from the Duke Energy Foundation, every student from any of Plainfield’s elementary schools who participated in the Summer Odyssey Camps received a “curiosity kit”, plus the book “How To Be Good At Science”.

These kits take the learning experience from The Imagination Lab and puts it into a transportable form, allowing students to continue their inspired learning from home. Each kit comes with pipettes, a tape measure, level, compass, flashlight, tweezers, and a magnifying glass. These items are used in the Summer Odyssey camps, so students already know how to use them. 

In addition to the “curiosity kit,” older students received the book “How To Be Good At Science.” This book inclusion was made possible by a previous Duke Energy Grant. 

The Imagination Lab was created to provide both the time and space where learning grows from out-of-the-ordinary, collaborative experiences, with a focus on perseverance instead of perfection.

 The Duke Energy Foundation provides philanthropic support to address the needs of the communities where its customers live and work. The foundation provides more than $30 million annually in charitable gifts. The foundation’s education focus spans kindergarten to career, particularly science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), early childhood literacy and workforce development. It also supports the environment and community impact initiatives, including arts and culture.