​  Brentwood Bots Teams Prepare for State Robotics Competition​

For the students that make up the Brentwood Bots robotics teams, “time is the game changer”. 

 For robotics, sometimes the journey is the battle. It’s a battle of designing something, creating it physically, and then continuing to change or improve it as you learn new skills. These students learn valuable life lessons, sometimes without realizing it. 

These students meet twice weekly to continue to create, program and drive their robots, constantly changing and evolving their strategies for the next competition. 

There are 5 total teams at Brentwood, including one team composed of only female students. Brentwood Bots has a combination of teacher and parent volunteers whose main job is to ask students questions and help lead them to the answers. Students spend their practices changing strategies, adjusting their robot, and writing in their journals. (These journals play a large role in the competitions, so copious note-taking is needed).


On February 19, all teams competed in a blended (elementary and middle school) robotics competition. All of the teams met their goal of scoring a 50 or higher in the skills portion. Of the 12 teams that were in the Finals, Brentwood Bots teams came in 2nd through 5th places!

Currently, the teams are awaiting to see whether they will be invited to participate in Indiana State Robotics Championships at Lucas Oil Stadium on March 12, 2022. At the time of publication of this article, Brentwood Team A has the top programming score in the entire state of Indiana. 

Wishing them all the luck for the rest of the season!