Journalism Students

PHS has outstanding Publications staffs, and the Indiana High School Press Association has recognized their skills. 

At the 100th Annual IHSPA Convention, the Quakers were awarded numerous Harvey Awards. Since the convention hasn’t been held since 2019, our PHS students came back with a vengeance, winning top prize in many categories!

The awards received were:

First Place: 

  • Opinion – Quaker Shaker staff

  • Editorial Writing – Elizabeth Taylor & Lana Wooley

  • News Writing – Natalie Stapleton (2021 Graduate)

  • Feature Writing – Maddie Polizzi & Liza Peterson

  • Editorial Cartoon – Kelly Ohaya

  • News Coverage – Quaker Shaker staff

Second Place: 

  • Multi-page design – Quaker Shaker staff

Third Place:

  • Academics Coverage – Elizabeth Taylor & Liza Peterson

  • News Writing – Elizabeth Taylor & Lana Wooley

  • Photo Portfolio – Connor Burress

  • Single-Page Design – Natalie Stapleton (2021 Graduate)

Honorable Mention:

  • Feature Coverage – Quaker Shaker staff

  • Multi-Page Design – Liza Peterson & Evan McGuire

Congratulations to all of these outstanding Quaker students!