Brentwood devours Donuts with Dads

In an age where so much is written about absentee dads, it was a vision of pride, joy and contentment at Brentwood this morning, when more than 300 students and dads of all forms came to school early for Donuts with Dads.


* Show me where you sit for lunch

* Is this the door you come in from the bus in the morning?
* Introduce me to your friends
* There's my teacher!
From dads to uncles to stepdads and grandpas, the cafeteria was stretched beyond tables and chairs. In fact, Donuts with Dads became Donut Picnic with Dad for several who sat on tablecloths on the floor of the multi-purpose room.
A huge thank you to the Brentwood PTO who sponsors and organizes this annual event. Thank you to the Plainfield Marsh grocery for continuing to add more donuts to the order that was first placed over a week ago.
And most of all, thank you to the men who spent precious time this morning with the young children in their lives. Once again, the care and commitment that have come to symbolize Plainfield was on display, and we should all be proud.