PHS earns high marks on Spring '19 ISTEP

We are pleased to share the news that, based on Spring 2019 ISTEP+ scores, Plainfield High School is ranked 10th among public high schools statewide. That ranking combines the school's 9th place ranking in ELA (English and Language Arts), and 10th place ranking in Math.

When private and charter schools are included in the list, the school finished 13th statewide. In every case, PHS was the top school in Hendricks County.

As much as we dislike the focus on standardized assessments, they represent the state's attempt to determine and compare the performance of Indiana's schools. Legally we are required to participate in the testing, while insuring that our students become graduates who are fully-prepared to move into a job, the military or college. 

Consistent top-tier scores reinforce that the teachers in Plainfield are doing an excellent job. And equally important, when you walk through the hallways or enter a classroom at PHS, you see the impact our teachers have on  their students. 

With an emphasis on the 4 Cs (Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking), you will discover that our students not only are mastering the content of their courses, but they are also learning and practicing the skills that will be used in whatever path they choose after graduation. Discussion, small group work, presentations and a focus on problem-solving, not perfection, are bringing a new energy to the classroom, and will serve students long after they graduate. 

Please join us in congratulating the students, teachers and administrators at Plainfield High School. Their hard work and focus continue to result in students who are among the best-prepared in our state, no matter what path they choose upon graduation.