Another Plainfield Teacher Honored

While Karen Gossman teaches French at Plainfield High School, she has been a junior academic super-bowl coach for many years at Plainfield Community Middle School. And she was just notified that she's been named a finalist in the Indiana Academic Competition's annual ranking of its coaches throughout the state. 

As the English coach for the PCMS junior academic team, Karen uses her love for language and literature to help students prepare for the annual super bowl competitions. With a state championship, numerous state runners-up and top ten finishes, Karen has a way of imparting knowledge while ensuring that her students genuinely learn, and love, the process. 

When Karen first joined the academic super bowl coaching team, she was teaching at the middle school. But a few years later, she transferred to Plainfield High School. And yet her love for the PCMS academic competition and teams led her to continue as a middle school coach. 

Karen has been known as "Coach" since 2003, and since that time, her students have also contributed to four Interdisciplinary state championship teams. Congratulations, Karen!