THREATS BETWEEN STUDENTS: There is no acceptable reason for a student to threaten another student. Parents should caution their children about making threatening remarks, even in jest. The consequences for threatening another student will be determined based upon the severity of the threat, i.e., was the threat intimidating, did it make the other person feel unsafe, and was the intent of the threat to do harm.

BOMB THREATS: While bomb threats at schools are rare, they do occur. Law enforcement officials recommend that any communication regarding a bomb threat should be limited to prevent “copycat syndrome." A program has been developed that includes adhering to guidelines provided by the Indiana State Police and Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Fire Arms (ATF).

STUDENT CONCERNS: Students or parents who have information that represents a potential threat to other students or staff members should contact their school’s administrator or a PCSC School Resource Officer. If there is immediate danger, 911 should be called.


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