Plainfield Community School Corporation is taking an active role in helping students be successful, including those students who are not demonstrating success in the classroom or are unsuccessful on state-mandated assessments.

Students who are not successful on these assessments will be identified for remediation. Previous test scores can be used to help determine if a student needs remediation.

Remediation may be given in any of the following forms: after school tutorial sessions, small groups or one-on-one instruction, a second mathematics or language arts class during the school year, or pull-out programs. Principals may require remediation classes or activities, offered by the school, for students who perform at, below, or barely above the state benchmarks and/or local achievement testing standards.

This may require forfeiting an elective class for that semester or year.

Research indicates that early intervention is the best means of remediation, and it is the goal of Plainfield Community School Corporation to provide early remediation, not only to assist students in their mastery of state standards, but also to improve their overall academic experience.