The Plainfield Community School Corporation cafeteria staff takes pride in providing quality meals for our students while maintaining low cost.

An application for meal and textbook assistance can be obtained from the Administration Office, located at 985 Longfellow Lane or online at If you believe you qualify for assistance, please complete the application and return it to the Administration Office as soon as possible. If we receive the application prior to the beginning of school, we will have the information in the system when you child arrives the first day of school. We are required to charge the full amount for any meal served prior to approval of an application.

If you qualified for and were receiving assistance at the end of the 2017-18 school year while in the Plainfield Community School Corporation, you will continue to receive the same level of benefits until September 16, 2018. A new application must be on file prior to this date for the benefits to continue. Please submit as soon as possible as it can take several days for the application to be approved. You may also submit an online application on the school website. Application for the 2018-19 school year will not be available until mid-July.

The Indiana State Board of Accounts rules that charging school lunches or a la carte is not permitted. We do understand students occasionally forget their lunch money or fail to let parents know when their account is depleted. At these times, we make every effort to work with the student and parent. When this occurs, we will allow students to have a Type A meal and remind them of their account balance. Please remember, the cafeteria can only allow this to happen one time for one Type A meal.

School Breakfast and Lunch Fees

  • Breakfast $1.50
  • Milk $ .50
  • Lunch (PreK-5) $2.40
  • Lunch (6-12) $2.50