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Plainfield Elementary Schools have adopted enVision 2.0 as our math program for grades K through 5. This program is research based and embraces “classroom-proven” curriculum and instruction principles that have been shown to promote in-depth mathematical understanding needed for student success and higher achievement. enVision 2.0 is different from the previous enVision curriculum our district has used.

In addition to content that is aligned to Indiana Math Standards, enVision 2.0 places an emphasis on the eight Standards for Mathematical Practice. We have created a  parent’s guide to the mathematical practices for you to review. Mathematical practices are habits, processes, and mindsets that enable a student to understand mathematics and to use or do mathematics with confidence. These practices are demonstrated by observable written and verbal behaviors as students are doing math. Students engage daily with the mathematical practices standards, which are used throughout all aspects of the program.

Each chapter or unit is identified as a Topic. Within each topic students will be entrenched in problem-based learning. Research shows that conceptual understanding is developed when new math is presented in the context of real world problems. The learning happens because the process of solving the problem requires the students to make connections to prior knowledge. The process of making connections between ideas builds understanding. This way of knowing is different from the way we learned math. We are used to problem sets that followed the same rule, sets of 20 addition problems or division problems with a story problem at the end. The math our children are expected to know requires students to talk and write about math in addition to solving problems. Problem solving is embedded in every activity instead of only at the end of the lesson.

Teachers are attending training sessions and working together to help your child be successful in understanding this amazing world of mathematics. It is different but necessary for our students to always be questioning why and asking new questions about mathematics. 

We will work together to help our children understand and be successful with the new Indiana Math Standards using enVision 2.0.

Please click here for the Parents' Guide to enVisionMath2.0.

Please click here for additional handouts.