OUR WEBSITE: plainfield.k12.in.us

The Plainfield Schools website is designed to tell a story while also providing current, important information about our school corporation and each of our schools. To easily navigate the site, you just need to know a few key things.

Front page of the PCSC website

Our website includes pages for district information and each school. The numbers added to the site image to the left reflect each area of the website.

  1. The menu bar and section tabs are located just above the rotating image gallery, and the first item on the left will be the logo and name of either the district or the school, depending on which page you're on.

  2. To the right across the top are three key functional areas. #2 is the Menu, which includes commonly accessed sections, but also corresponds to the information included on the mobile app

  3. The Schools button allows you to select which of our schools you want to access

  4. Our website can be easily translated into Spanish by clicking this button

  5. Beneath the photo gallery, there are three additional areas that provide information that changes more frequently. #5 is the Live Feed, which contains information and links that are also commonly found on our social media sites.

  6. The News section is our blog, where you'll find more in-depth stories and information.

  7. The Events section includes dates and locations for upcoming meetings, vacations and special events for the district and schools.

  8. In the footer, the final three sets of information can be found. #8 reflects the contact information for the school (or in this case, the district) page you're on.

  9. This is a complete list of links to our schools and sites.

  10. This links to the app stores for both Apple and Google devices, so you can download our mobile app if you so choose.

Screenshot illustrating one of the drop-down menu buttons

The MENU button (2 in the graphic, left) gives direct access to Live Feed, Staff Directory, News, Events, Documents and on individual school pages, the Menu.

Live Feed, News and Events cal also be found below the photo gallery on each school's main page. The Documents section is also linked on each school site (as well as the district page) under the heading Quick Links.

The Documents link is probably the fastest way to navigate to the school calendar, important forms, board information and many other items.

#3 in this graphic highlights the tabs or section headers. Each of these sections contains more in-depth information about the topics listed.

A screenshot of Central Elementary's Quick Links page

  1. Always know which site you're on (district or a school) by the logo in the upper left corner

  2. Navigate to sections by clicking the tab or section headers

  3. In this example, the Quick Links page was added to make it faster for users to get to the most commonly searched-for information.

The blue footer section of every page on our site will contain the contact information for that school, along with links to all schools, and the links to the app stores.

screenshot of the PCSC mobile app


In today’s world, people are accessing online data from their phones or mobile devices more than ever. In fact, 80% of adults in the United States use their mobile phone to consume online information. And according to a recent Yahoo! study, 90% of consumers spend their mobile time using apps, not browsers. We recognized the need to move to a website that works as well as a mobile application as it does on a desktop computer. In fact, 24% of adults ages 30 – 49 no longer have broadband internet at home – they conduct nearly all of their online activity via smart phones.

We’ve also learned that many people thought they were using the mobile app, when instead they were finding their way to the website from the browser on their phone or tablet. There is a big difference, and ultimately you may choose to use both.

If you'd like to check the weekly lunch menu, or follow the latest news, blog posts or Facebook and Twitter posts from PCSC or any of the schools, then the mobile app is great. If you want to read the bios of our district administrators or school board members, you’ll find that information on the website. Want to call a school or email a teacher? You can do that directly from the app, without having to copy and paste a phone number or email address.


On your mobile device, you can download the app by going to the App Store (Apple or Google) and searching “Plainfield Community School Corporation.” The app is free, of course.

Once you've installed the app, click the red circle in the upper right corner, and then select a school. The red circle on the left is the menu, and you can select the area you want to visit from this tab.