What is an often-overlooked, but incredibly important, part of keeping any school running? The maintenance and custodial staff. And in a community like Plainfield, with a history of caring for buildings so they last a long time (remember, Central Elementary first housed students in 1888!) their knowledge and work ethic is vital. 

Sure, custodians do some of the same things today that they did decades ago. But their jobs have expanded greatly, as buildings have become larger, surfaces more varied, and boilers have been replaced by finely-tuned computerized systems.

Regardless of the task, Plainfield's schools employ some of the most dedicated employees, and the custodial staff is no different. They do many of the tasks that others find menial, and they do everything with student safety and comfort in mind. 

So to all who work on the custodial and maintenance teams throughout PCSC, a huge thank you is in order!