Day 24: #30DaysOfGratitude

The Plainfield Police Department (PPD) is an important partner with Plainfield schools. Their presence helps provide security, but their service goes far deeper than that.

Officers get to know the students, and depending on the day and the activities, they might read a book to a classroom at one of the grade schools. They help direct traffic and ensure safety at drop-off and pickup times. They provide important lessons to students at PCMS through the D.A.R.E. program, and they get to know students, allowing them to see the officers not only as law enforcement, but as familiar, and trusted faces. 

Officers attend many school events - and often do so as part of their jobs, of course. But it's another way for them to get to know the students, and in the long run, that's a win-win. 

Many members of the Plainfield Police Department are graduates of PHS, and that provides another connection to our schools, teachers and administrators. 

The faces of PPD are focused on safety and law enforcement, and we are grateful for all that they do to protect us. But from the schools' perspective, their extra steps, their dedication to our students, and their willingness to have a little fun with kids of all ages, makes them an incredibly valued partner.